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At Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down

Stand Down Dinner 2017


Special Thanks to Tom Dermody from Field of Dreams and Anel Sanchez from the Colusa County Fair, Junior Livestock auction for providing La Blanca Una to The Yuba Sutter Veterans Stand Down. Sherry Reese of Circle R Ranch, a Stand Down volunteer, has donated processing and packaging of the meat. Once processed into sausage, it will be served to Veterans for breakfast during the upcoming Stand Down.

Anel raised her pig, La Blanca Una for the Colusa County Fair, Junior Livestock Auction. Tom won the bid and donated La Blanca Una to Stand Down.

Tom has a passion for helping Veterans and in 2009, Field of Dreams began hosting a few hunts that recognize young men from our military. Hunts were hosted to recognize servicemen from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as well as a New York City Fireman that was at the towers on September 11th. In 2010, FOD started an event that is called the John Montelli Memorial Veteran’s Hunt. This hunt recognizes veterans from World War II up to our current wars. FOD has worked closely with local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Legion chapters. There are so many veterans all over the US that deserve an opportunity of a hunt of a lifetime and our goal is to provide that opportunity. In the last 3 years Field of Dreams has expanded the program now hosting 6 events, with over 50 veterans and 30 children attending our events. This was all made possible from the local community, through word of mouth, past events, and networking online. For more information about Field of Dreams, visit: http://fieldofdreamsinc.org/

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